Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury

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Music Beyond Audible Sound

Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury (song-writer, poet, performer, arranger, composer, conductor, research scholar, and professor of both Western and Middle-Eastern musics) has many works recorded to his credit: the Great Love cantata for H.M the late King Hussein Bin Talal (of Jordan); the Glory Maker cantata for H.M King Abdullah the Second (of Jordan); Our Love Is So Bright pop-rock song for the American female singer, Kay Weaver; the music soundtracks of the Dive in Aqaba touristic film (which sheds some light on the Gulf of Aqaba - the Red Sea - Jordan); and numerous musical works for symphony and chamber orchestras, diverse ensembles, feature and documentary films, and TV, Satellite, and Radio stations.

Having earned his education and lived in the US for so many years, Prof. Khoury has managed to work in two disparate musical worlds (Western and Middle-Eastern) with verve, versatility, and vivacity. In addition to Piano and Guitar, he is also a superb performer of three Middle-Eastern instruments: Oud, Organ, and Violin (tuned GDGD). As part of his strong conviction in serving the community with music, Dr. Khoury has always ensured vigorous involvement in as many music festivals and social events as he could possibly participate. Also, he gave enlightening and enriching lectures on Middle-Eastern music, as well as hands-on classes on World music. In this context, he contends that: “Music has an allied power to bring forth both a societal ligature and cultural cohesion, inasmuch as the rain has a magnetic power to impartially cluster diverse people under a single umbrella.” “Music,” claims Khoury, “can play a vitally peerless role in forging a bridge of open communication and mutual understanding between people from all walks of life, and thus promoting further relatedness and a higher level of peaceful coexistence in society.

Khoury's repertoire includes numerous musical works -- such as My Love, Nostalgia, My Beautiful Lady, Love Dance, The Silky Browser, Serenata Notturna for Violin, Dance on the Moon waltz, A Notice of Love, A Sweet Dream, Don't Go Away, Blue Orchid string quartet, as well a vast portfolio of Middle-Eastern songs and musical pieces. His recent activities include making the music soundtracks for the Turkish TV drama series My Love and the A Teacher’s Memoirs film, being a member of the adjudication panel of the First Star singing talents TV show, conducting on-campus lectures on Middle-Eastern music, as well as on-site seminars on composing and arranging music, by employing an innovative, creative project titled Characters-Based Music (CBM) ®, and launching the World-Wide Artists Club (WAC) website ™, which is expected to be on cyberspace soon.



Music is a glowing light in the long, dark tunnel of life. Dr. Emil Khoury